Die Situation vor Ort – Ein Bericht

The pictures below shows the housing situations of widow and orphans, the pictures were taken from Kondiki parish and Lole parish respectively. Evangelist God bles Shao and Deacon Kimath visited these families last month and found out that the houses are in this situation. In these houses they live orphans and their mother (widows), we support the orphans in school fees and uniforms.
The houses need major renovation or construction of new ones, but the challenge is funds.

This nice block house is a fruit of five years hard working of Shose Mlaki.



This is the situation of farming in areas where there were a drought and famine last three months, HuYaMwi distributed seeds during the rain season but the rain was not enough and everything dried people have no hope and especially widows and orphans families.



The pictures below show a successful hardworking widow Shose Mlaki who received a small pig project from HuYamwi, together with her cow project she struggled for five years and managed to collect money slowly and construct her own house of three rooms.
Cow Project for shoes Mlaki  Pig project for Shose Mlaki 1